Saturday, September 26, 2015

The things that are from life...

If we abstain ourselves from perceiving the differences in people, in the beings and in the things that are of from this world then most of our feelings are dead ... gone.
we breathe, it is true, but we are not really alive, we are a blurred version of ourselves ... we just pretend !!!

P.RestLessMind x

--- (Portuguese version)
Se nos abstermos de perceber as diferenças que existem nas pessoas, nos seres e nas coisas que são deste mundo, most of our feelings are dead... gone.
Respira-se, é verdade , mas nao se está realmente vivo, somos uma versão turva de nós mesmos.. fingimos apenas.

P.RestLessMind x


The fragility and the disease when it happens to whom we like, paradoxically, instead of approaching sometimes simply distances us ... But...