Saturday, October 24, 2015

There are things that even in your mother language do not make sense ...

First I killed the mirror reflection of a life that did not exist.
After I killed nothing (being nothing much) that was the only thing that existed,  nothing could be after all everything.

And now, now there is nothing except the void that existing and being nothing can not be all as there is nothing beyond emptyness.

P.RestlessMind x

--- (Portuguese version)
Primeiro matei o espelho porque mostrava uma vida que na verdade não existia.
Depois matei o nada sendo o nada muito porque era a única coisa que existia e o nada afinal podia ser tudo.
E agora sim, agora nada existe a não ser o vazio que existindo e não sendo nada, também não pode ser tudo porque nada há para além do vazio.

P.RestlessMind x

Oh, time... always, time... x

Will Time be kind enough to allow us to feel all the things that we don't say and dream about ?... Will time be kind enough to show us ...