Tuesday, September 20, 2016

To Mario an old friend...

Today I went to the funeral of a close friend.
I knew Mario since my early teens and he was in many ways a big brother to me.
Throughout life we went different ways, different paths...
During this last 35 years here and then we accidentally saw each other and it was like time had no past and we have been walking side by side all the way.
In the lean and lonely corners of those moments we shared our sorrows and our joys.

Today I went to the funeral of a close friend
His family did not forget me
they wanted me there
I felt I had the right to be there.
This is memory
These are memories
These are good memories
This is a piece of him in me.

2016.09.20  R.I.P. my friend

P.RestLessMind x (2016)


I always fail to impose the absence of me when I crash into my own solitude... ! P.RestLessMindx (2018)