Saturday, December 17, 2016

Autumn leaves...

Autumn leaves...

It's on the top of the trees
that I touch high the sky ...
It's on these leaves where birds are born, laugh,cry, live and die
that I dance and hide

It's on the top of the trees
That I stay strong
begging the wind to not let me go
It is there in that place, where my soul smiles
where I return
where I reborn

It is there that I am...

It is there and only there
that I feel happy again and again
one day at a time
every days of my life

P. RestlessMind x
Djurgården Sverige (out2016)

Oh, time... always, time... x

Will Time be kind enough to allow us to feel all the things that we don't say and dream about ?... Will time be kind enough to show us ...