Monday, April 21, 2014

New Frontiers...

The frontiers of the world are within the limits of my thoughts
with rules or without rules, with a license or without a license, is completely indifferent
that only matters to those who live there, in that place, in that mind, on those thoughts
and for those who live there and cry and shout loud that think who they are
I say Stop, because they look alike but they are not !!...

P.RestLessMind x

--- (Portuguese version)
As fronteiras do mundo estão nos limites dos meus pensamentos
Sem regras, com regras, com licença ou sem licença é completamente indiferente
Só interessa a quem ali vive, nesse sitio, nessa mente e nesse pensamentos
e a esses que moram, choram, gritam e pensam que sabem quem são
eu digo, parem, porque parecem mas não são !!..

P.RestLessMind x

Oh, time... always, time... x

Will Time be kind enough to allow us to feel all the things that we don't say and dream about ?... Will time be kind enough to show us ...