Sunday, May 14, 2017

Dance, dance with me...

Dance dance with me
dance until the end of time
pretend that you are coming,
that you are coming with me

I promise that nothing more I will be
then what I always was ...
your faithful friend.

I know you feel
how I love you, how I adore you ...
I promise there is no other reason
then that when you take my hand

Come, come with me,
come on, let's start again ...

Stay close to me, close to you,
I do not know if someday
I will know how to be near us
in an endless hug

Dance dance with me
maybe in a fraction of a second
we'll find each other again
you out there looking for yourself
and I simply looking for me

P.RestLessMind x (2017)

I know that whoever is beloved will not die ...

As long as Love is in us I will not die ! You will not die ... ever! If love gets lost on us You and I will search desperately for it.. ...