Saturday, March 15, 2014

Colleagues and friends ...

Some colleagues aspire to be friends and some friends can not be colleagues
they don't know and they don't want
and that, colleagues, do not realize, not because they don't know, just because they don't want
I continue to be alone, even accompanied, feeling always alone
yes, with colleagues who I know but I simply don't want

P.RestLessMind x

--- (Portuguese version)
Amigos e Colegas…
Alguns colegas aspiram a ser amigos e alguns amigos não conseguem ser colegas,
os amigos não conseguem ser colegas, não sabem e não querem
e isso os colegas não percebem, não porque não saibam, mas porque não querem
continuo a estar sozinho, acompanhado, mas sempre sozinho
sim, com colegas que conheço mas que simplesmente não quero

P.RestLessMind x

You never disappear... you just change place.

When things of life are the negative of eachother you never simply travel from one to the other. P.RestLessMindx (2018)